Integrating Finno-Ugric Studies in Europe

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Introduction to Finnic languages

The course focuses on the minor Finnic languages Karelian, Veps, Ingrian, Vote and Livonian. These range in number of speakers from ca. 30 000 (Karelian) to 0 (Livonian), and are spoken mostly in Russia. After a general introduction to the Finnic languages, stressing their specific characteristics in comparison to the other Uralic languages, the course continues with comparing and contrasting the phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon of the abovementioned languages.

Objectives and tasks

The course gives a concise introduction to a group of closely related minor Uralic languages, as well as an introduction to language contact. Simple texts, both in phonetic transcription and in the various orthographies, will be read and analyzed; spoken texts will be transcribed.

Who can apply?

The course is for advanced students, but also for beginners with basic linguistic knowledge.

Application deadline: tba