Integrating Finno-Ugric Studies in Europe

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Vienna 2018

6th Winter School for Finno-Ugric Studies
Vienna, 26 February - 3 March 2018

  • Udmurt language course, with Dmitri Efremov (Iževsk) and Christian Pischlöger (Vienna) (two groups: beginners’ course and advanced course for those who have already participated in the Udmurt e-learning course or otherwise acquired a corresponding knowledge in Udmurt)
  • Workshop on social cognition in Uralistic fieldwork, with Elena Skribnik (Munich), Nicholas Evans and Danielle Barth (Australian National University)
  • Workshop on minority languages, multilingualism, and language policy, with special respect to language teaching, with Johanna Laakso (Vienna)
  • Guest lectures: Anneli Sarhimaa (Mainz) on assessing language endangerment, N.N. on multilingualism/minority languages and language teaching
  • Colloquium for pre-grad and pre-doc students, for presenting on-going thesis or other research projects

Application deadline: 03.11.17

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