Integrating Finno-Ugric Studies in Europe

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The Samoyedic languages together with the Finno-Ugric languages form the Uralic language family, all Samoyedic languages are highly endangered. Therefore the Samoyedic e-learning courses consists of two parts to allow a more detailed coverage of this wide field.

Part one of the e-learning course presents several empirical tasks on selected topics in phonetics of Samoyedic languages, mainly using examples from Nganasan and Northern Selkup. Knowledge of Uralic languages is not presupposed but a general knowledge of phonetics is necessary. Some of the tasks only require reading and listening, in others Praat (widely acknowledged software for phonetic analysis) is used, therefore additional explanations are provided on the use of Praat.

Part two of the e-learning course focuses on Northern Selkup, a language without an English reference grammar. The course is designed to guide students through the various parts of grammar (phonology, morphology, syntax) to capacitate them to be able to work with Northern Selkup texts; the tasks give students the opportunity to test their knowledge. Apart from teaching the language, the course also aims at giving students picture of the sociolinguistic situation of not only the Northern Selkups but Central and Southern Selkups as well, through additional reading of articles.

Feedback for submitted exercises is provided on an individual base. Copyright-protected supplementary material can be accessed through the University of Vienna Moodle. For access send a mail to