Integrating Finno-Ugric Studies in Europe

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Szeged 2016

The aim of the course was to introduce students into a relatively new subfield of linguistic typology, Lexical typology. The course gave a general introduction to Lexical typology, surveying its methodology and the most important literature. A survey was given of some case studies as Verbs of perception, Motion verbs, Kinship terms, Numerals and numeral systems, Colour terms. Discussing these case studies the course also relied on the lexical data of the Uralic languages.

The topics of the E-Learning course Lexical Typology and Uralic Linguistics were deepened at the corresponding summer workshop hosted by the University of Szeged from 6.6.-10.6. There were Fieldwork practices in the mornings and lectures in the afternoons. The students worked with informants who are native speakers of Udmurt, Mordvin and Buryat languages. The lectures in the afternoons were held by Prof. Egor Kaschkin who is an acknowledged expert in Lexical Typology.