Integrating Finno-Ugric Studies in Europe

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Hamburg 2017

The course provided an overview on topics in Samoyedic phonetics, as well as an introduction to Northern Selkup.

The topics of the E-Learning course Samoyedic were deepened at the corresponding summer workshop hosted by the University of Hamburg from 18.-22.9. There were sessions on vowel harmony (László Fejes/Hungarian Academy of Sciences), phonology of Kamas (Gerson Klumpp/University of Tartu), language contact (Florian Siegl/University of Helsinki), syllabic phonology (Zsuzsa Várnai/Hungarian Academy of Sciences), technological and methodological aspects of empirical linguistics (Timm Lehmberg & Anne Ferger/both University of Hamburg), as well as a structure course on Central and Southern Selkup (Josefina Budzisch/University of Hamburg).